To Settle Her Debt Satiah Does Farming and Sewing

Apart from farming, Satiah provides for her family by becoming a tailor. She took loans to cover her daily expenses.

Replacing her diabetic husband, Satiah now became a breadwinner of her family. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MOJOKERTO – Satiah (60) is a grandmother who became a farmer from Jiyu Village, Kutorejo District, Mojokerto, East Java. She is the only female farmer in her group. She had ten years of experience in farming since her husband's foot was amputated because of diabetes.

As a breadwinner of her family, she has to farm on a patch of land as wide as 2,800 square meters. She does that to support her husband, her only daughter, son in law and three grandchildren.

Her daughter who works in the local Religious Affairs Office helped her once in time. However, she can't rely on her daughter every time to cover her daily expenses.

Sewing is of Satiyah's choices to continue to meet her daily needs. (ACTNews)

Mashudi from Global Wakaf-ACT Mojokerto team met Satiah in mid-February. She explained that she didn't have much money so she ended up borrowing money from many people. She also had debt from moneylenders with a total return of IDR 3,000,000.

“Global Wakaf-ACT tries to help Satiah’s economy with capital from Productive Agricultural Waqf," said Mashudi. He explained that Productive Agricultural Waqf is part of the National Food Alms Movement. Satiah requires around IDR 3.5 to 5 million.  Because of the shortage of fertilizer, Satiah has difficulty paying for high-prized fertilizers.[]