Tompe: a Village Inundated by Tidal Flood

Tompe: a Village Inundated by Tidal Flood

ACTNews, DONGGALA – The name is Tompe Village, part of Sirenja, Donggala Regency. In the west, this village borders the sea directly. Every dusk, beautiful sunset can be seen where the sun dives into the horizon.

This village was among the earthquake-affected regions when disasters hit Central Sulawesi. No less than 60 houses were destroyed. Although this village was not hit by tsunami, the village located near the epicenter in Lende Tovea has been inundated by tidal flood. The villagers have to evacuate due to the flood that drowns the west coast of Tompe.

After the magnitude 7.4 earthquake, the people in the west coast of Tompe had evacuated to the hill east of the village. They set up tents made of blue tarpaulins. “Since the earthquake that afternoon (9/28), the locals evacuated to the hill,” said Sahir, one of Tompe Villagers, Saturday (10/27).

Sahir added that the sea water often inundated their settlement area, especially when the tide is rising. Fortunately, the sea water never enters the houses in the village.

Sahir, who is also an Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) volunteer in Sirenja humanitarian post explained that the sea water inundated the village every morning and afternoon. The sea water drowns several areas in Tompe village alongside several other villages along the beach. “Our houses were damaged by the earthquake, and now they are drowned by tidal flood,” said Sahir.

Due to this condition, ACT through Sirenja Humanitarian Post has sent aid packages to evacuees from Tompe Village, Hundreds of kilograms of rice, mineral water, baby diapers and sanitary napkins for women were distributed. The recent aid distribution in Tompe was the second time after the previous aid distribution on Wednesday (10/17).

“In total, two thousand tons of aid has been sent to Tompe and surrounding villages,” said Lukman SOlehuddin, Coordinator of Sirenja Humanitarian Post, Saturday (10/27). []



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