Training and Coaching Optimize MSMEs’ Performance in Tangerang

Training and coaching from various communities and organizations in Cibodas District Tangerang is expected to encourage the independence and development of MSME owners.

One of the participants during the training.
One of the participants seriously pays attention and takes note during the training on Thursday (5/27/2021). (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, TANGERANG – The participants of Basic Financial Business Record Training by Global Wakaf-ACT scrambled to ask questions in the government office of Cibodas District, Tangerang. Other participants were discussing with their friends next to them comparing their notes to each other, Thursday (5/27/2021). Most of the participants were housewives.

The MSMEs training is one of the facilities provided by Global Wakaf-ACT to the beneficiaries of Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses (WMUMI) program. Apart from training and financial assistance, regular supervision is also provided to encourage MSMEs to keep going amid the pandemic difficulties.

Utomo Pranoto from Wakaf Entrepreneur Academy Team explained that the participants consisted of 20 women of home business owners. They have attended a number of training sessions beforehand.

“All of their businesses so far have been able to pay themselves. So, after we provide training, many of them have obtained profits" said Utomo.

Tens of MSME owners enthusiastically participate in Basic Financial Business Record training. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

In accordance with Utomo’s statement, Titiek as the assistant of the Cibodas District Waqf for the Indonesian Micro Businesses program stated that the MSMEs owners under her supervision have indeed developed quite a bit. They are also supported by the local governments through product documents and certification which have been received by the MSMEs.

Currently, Titiek focuses on the development of WMUMI beneficiaries to develop their product variants. “For example, if they sell cilok, then what kind of cilok are they going to make? It could be claw-seasoned or barbeque cilok. Therefore, we need this kind of training,” added Titiek.

The role of communities

Titiek is currently assisting 42 MSME members of whom are also members of the Cibodas Jasa MSME community. While in the community, there are around 350 MSME owner members. The community is a forum for MSMEs to encourage them to take part in available exhibitions, bazaars, certifications, or training.

Ferry Sudarto as Chairman of MSME Jaya Cibodas community, who was one of the training participants, encouraged MSMEs in Cibodas to join. “Our vision is to become professional and independent MSMEs. It's not that we don't need help from the outside, but we are trying to be independent if there is no help that reaches us yet," explained Ferry.[]