Trash Charity Gives Qurbani Happiness to Sempan Residence in Bangka Regency

Several communities in Bangka Regency had initiated trash charity since March. At Eid ul-Adha, they were able to give the best Qurbani animals in Sempan Village, Pemali District, Bangka Regency.

The handover of the Qurbani animals from the community that has initiated the trash charity to ACT Bangka. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANGKA – The joy of Eid was felt among the converts in Sempan Village, Pemali District, Bangka Regency. Uniquely, this Qurbani was from Sedekah Sampah trash charity initiated by Al-Bina Mosque in Sempan Village.

The trash charity was the result of synergy with the Community Guidance (Binmas) of Sempan Village, BECAK Bangka Belitung Community, Bangka Belitung, Tinskubator, and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Bangka Regency. The collection had been done since last March. The trash collected every Friday was then sold to collectors, and the money was used to buy Qurbani animals.

Alhamdulillah, we can deliver two Qurbani cows this year as the result of collecting residents’ trash from March to July. Hopefully, we can provide Qurbani animals even more next year," said Nomo, a representative from Binmas of Sempan Village, Tuesday (7/20/2021).

The activity followed standard health protocols, and the slaughter of Qurbani animals was carried out by members of Juru Sembelih Halal Indonesia (Indonesian Halal Slaughterer). The distribution of Qurbani meat targeted converts, underprivileged families, the elderly, and students in Islamic boarding schools.

“Usually, we only eat meat during Eid, so we are happy to get Qurbani meat this year. This is the second Qurbani In Kampung Mualaf, Sempan Village," said Asap Subroto, one of the converts.

Arinda, Head of Volunteer MRI Bangka, expressed her appreciation for the role of various communities in celebrating Eid this year. “Thank you to all the people who have made an effort and carried out the Qurbani through this trash charity. Hopefully, it can spread happiness and benefit to the people in Sempan Village," said Arinda. []