Traumatized by Bank Loans, Marliana Hopes for Easy Capital Assistance

Marliana was traumatized by bank loans. In the upcoming Ramadan, she is ready to increase the production of her donuts, but her plan is hampered by the lack of capital.

Marliana prepares her donuts, Saturday (3/13/2021). After a bank loan put her in difficulties, Marliana is traumatized to apply for a loan.

ACTNews, LHOKSEUMAWE — Many people consume takjil  (fast-breaking desserts) like fritters, cakes, kolak, fruit soup, or donuts to break their fast. It was not a surprise if the takjil sellers spread all over the place.

Marliana is a donut seller from Uteunkot Village, Muara Dua District, Lhokseumawe, Aceh. She hoped to earn more money in the upcoming Ramadan. For that, she must increase her donut production.

“Many people order and buy donuts for takjil in Ramadan.  I have to make more donuts but I do not have money,” said the mother of one child, Saturday (3/13/2021).

She is looking for additional capital, but she was too traumatized to borrow money from a bank. From her previous experience, the interest is often bigger than the amount of the loan. She decided not to get into debts again.

“ I do not want to apply for a loan. The interest is greater than the amount of the loan I take. It is usury and I have been traumatized by it ,” said Marliana while preparing her donuts. 

Nowadays, Marliana earns less than IDR 100,000 per day. Compared to her income before the pandemic, it is very much smaller because the activity restrictions have reduced her income.

Seeing Marliana's condition, the Global Wakaf-ACT team provided business capital assistance. “Alhamdulillah, today I got business capital assistance from ACT. Thank you for providing the interest-free business capital. I hope my business can boost my family’s economy and ACT will be rewarded with goodness,” she prayed.[]