Tuktuk and Its Many Benefits to Gazans

Through tuktuk (motorbike cart) assistance, the Palestinians, especially in Gaza, are expected to be empowered and revive their businesses.

The Gazan volunteers drive tuktuks.
The Gazan volunteers drive tuktuks to distribute vegetables and fruits to deprived Gazans. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – “This assistance may seem small, but for us the Gazans, this is a really big opportunity,” said Ismail Jamal Al Bayed, one of the tuktuk beneficiaries in Gaza, Sunday (4/7/2021).

Tuktuk is one of the vehicles that is often used by the people of Gaza for their daily activities. Ismail adds, the tuktuk assistance from Global Wakaf-ACT can also provide new job opportunities for the Gazans.

Another beneficiary, Omer Salah says the tuktuk assistance will not only benefit him but also his family. “I will use this vehicle for my three children who are currently unemployed. The tuktuk can be used to transport our goods and family,“ explained Omer.

Omar says the ongoing blockade on the Gaza Strip has posed a difficult situation for them. Therefore, he is grateful for the empowerment program carried out by Global Wakaf-ACT for Gaza.

“With this tuktuk, we will overcome this blockade that has reduced many job opportunities. Insha Allah, it will be a way to support our families so that we don’t need to rely on others,” said Omer.

After the assistance handover, the Global Wakaf-ACT Gaza team, together with the tuktuk drivers immediately distributed 8.5 tons of fruits and vegetables to the underprivileged families in Gaza. The distribution was carried out to help farmers who face difficulty in exporting their harvest due to Israel's policy that requires farmers to remove the crown of the fruits, thus causing rapid decay of the fruits.[]