Tuktuks Help Distribute Farmer’s Harvests to Gazans

The difficulty to export vegetable supplies due to Israel’s restriction makes Gazan farmers have to sell their harvest at low prices. Therefore, ACT decided to buy the vegetables with proper prices and distributed them to thousands of Gazans by Waqf Motorbike Carts.

Tuktuks carry vegetable supplies which were bought from the farmers to be distributed to the Gazans.
Tuktuks carry vegetable supplies bought from the farmers to be distributed to the Gazans. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZAWaqf Motorbike Carts or tuktuks were back on duty in Gaza. On Friday (7/2/2021), six units of tuktuks were deployed to distribute the fresh vegetables. Manned by the volunteers of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in Palestine, the six tuktuks were spread in three locations in Gaza to deliver the vegetables to Om al-Nasr in northern Gaza, Alshatei Camp in western Gaza, and Al-Shijaiyya in eastern Gaza.

In this vegetable distribution, the beneficiaries were 1,200 people from poor Gazan families affected by the military aggression and blockade. "This action is motivated by the restriction on vegetable exports by Israeli authorities in Gaza that reduces the farmers' income in Gaza," explained Said Mukaffiy from the ACT’s Global Humanity Response team, Monday (7/5/2021).

Said added that the vegetables that ACT distributed were bought from the Gazan farmers. It was purchased with the best prices so that the farmers can gain profits that are worth their hard work, and the recipients can also enjoy the benefits of the fresh vegetables. Currently, it is difficult for Gazan farmers to sell their harvests due to Israel's unilateral regulations that harm the farmers.

“Especially for tomato farmers after Israeli authorities made arbitrary export regulation that requires the Palestinian farmers to remove the crowns from the tomato stems being sent across the border. As a result, the tomatoes would rot quickly, and farmers were forced to sell them at a very cheap price," added Mukaffiy.

The distribution process involved the Waqf Motorbike Carts or tuktuks which were funded by the Indonesian people’s generosity. Currently, there are 17 units of tuktuks, 11 of which have finished assembly. These tuktuks are planned to be distributed to the Gazans to support their activities and businesses.

Insha Allah, the vegetable purchase from the farmers and the distribution to residents in Gaza can continue to be carried out in the following days. In the future, we will strive to massively carry out this action and use all of the available units of tuktuk,” concluded Mukaffiy.[]