Two Elderly Sisters Live Together in Inadequate House

Mbah Tulsiyah and Mbah Tulkiyem, sisters from Karang Kobar Kulon Village, Magelang, Central Java, live in dire condition. They are forced to live in uninhabitable houses like warehouses.

Mbah Tulsiyah
Mbah Tulsiyah lies limp due to illness at her home in Karang Kobar Kulon Village, Magelang, Central Java. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MAGELANG – Mbah Tulsiyah and Tulkiyem, sisters from Karang Kobar Kulon Village, Magelang, Central Java, live in a house measuring 4 by 5 meters. Their house has no tiled floors, only a floor made of cement. The condition of the room is dark. The light of a small wattage lamp failed to illuminate the room.

They don't have a bed. They sleep on neatly arranged burlap sacks covered with batik sheets. They also don't have soft and comfortable pillows and blankets.

Tulsiyah is sick. She can no longer get up and even has trouble talking. In the old house, she is cared for by her younger sister Tulkiyem. Even though Tulkiyem has a mental disorder, she still takes care of her sister as best as she can.

Adrian Kurniawan Santoso, a member of the Indonesian Volunteer Society, heard of the Tulsiyah and Tulkiyem's situation and immediately visited them.

“We visited the house of Ms. Tulsiyah and Ms. Tulkiyem. We helped bathe and cleaned their houses," said Adrian, Monday (8/23/2021).

According to Ardian, there is no table at their house. They put the food on the floor without covering it. Often, insects perch there. Cockroaches often eat their food before they eat.

Ardian, on behalf of MRI-ACT, also delivered a food package to two elderly sisters.

Tulsiyah, who was lying down at that time, was confused by the presence of the volunteers. Although she didn't know at first, she realized that she and her sister would soon get help. She also expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided. "Thank you very much," said Tulsiyah haltingly to Ardian.[]