Two Mega Projects from Benefactors Ready to Restore Palestine

Lumbung Air Wakaf and Palestinian Waqf House in Gaza are almost complete.

Lumbung Air Wakaf
Building of Lumbung Air Wakaf in Gaza, Palestine. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Two mega waqf projects from Generous Friends for Palestine are being accelerated. The two are Lumbung Air Wakaf and Palestinian Waqf Houses. Both are waqf products that are endeavored to assist the recovery and the welfare of the Palestinians in Gaza.

The construction of Lumbung Air Wakaf, built on ​​500 square meters area in the east of Jabalia, north Gaza, has reached 80 percent. The two-story building is already standing tall. Currently, ACT Palestine team in Gaza is preparing to install water tanks and other production equipment. Lumbung Air Wakaf will be completed in November.

Lumbung Air Wakaf will be equipped with ten water tanks with a capacity of 5,000 liters each. Two tanks will be used to collect water from water wells, and the other eight will be used for the desalination process. In addition, there are three small tanks with a capacity of 200 liters, each of which functions as a pre-filter, sterilizes water from bacteria, and neutralizes acidity and alkalinity in water.

“Lumbung Air Wakaf can produce 100 thousand liters of clean water every day. The water will also be packaged with a production amount of up to a thousand bottles per day. In addition, Lumbung Air Wakaf is a place to refill Humanity Water Tanks that will travel around Gaza to distribute clean water to houses," said Said Mukaffy from ACT's Global Humanity Response team, Monday (8/2/2021).

ACT team also carry out the construction of the Palestinian Waqf House. Mukaffiy says the process of building the Palestinian House Waqf has reached 55 percent. This house will be ready to accommodate underprivileged Palestinians in February 2022.

“Palestinian Waqf House is located in Jorn Al Nazalowa, Jabalia, North Gaza. It consists of several buildings. Each building has an area of ​​317 square meters. Each building has at least 20 units of flats in it. In each unit, it will consist of one master bedroom, one children's room, one family room, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a dining room," said Mukaffiy.[]