Two Syrian Refugee Children Died Due to Exploding Heater

Two Syrian girls passed away after their heating engine heater exploded while attempting to warm themselves from the freezing temperatures.

Syrian refugee tent
Illustration. A smoldering Syrian refugee tent. (Doc. Reuters)

ACTNews, ALEPPOTwo sisters from Telmennes town in the eastern suburbs of Idlib, Leen and Intisar al Abdullah (age 3 and 4 respectively), died, while their mother was injured, in a fire caused by the explosion of a heater in their family’s tent in the Ibraz IDPs’ Camp in Rajo county in the north of Aleppo governorate on January 17, 2022. The fire also destroyed the tent.

On that day, the refugee family living in the Ibraz IDP Camp planned to warm up from the freezing temperatures that have hit Syria this winter. Unfortunately, their heater failed to function and exploded. It destroyed their refugee tent made of planks and tarps.

The Syrian winter made the lives of refugees extremely difficult. Several international communities have also called for emergency aid for refugees, including warm clothing, heating machines, and winter clothing.

Mohannad (24), who has been displaced with his wife and two children to a camp in northwest Syria, said:

“Due to the snowstorm, the tent my family and I stayed in was destroyed and our possessions have been damaged. We lack all necessities of life from a proper shelter to heating sources and food. It is cold, and we need urgent assistance.”[]