Two Tons of Rice to Fulfill the Need for Food in Two West Sumatran Pesantrens

Two tons of rice was distributed to Islamic Boarding Schools in Padang ad Bukittinggi respectively. The targets of the rice distribution are pesantrens in rural and remote areas that don't have enough food supplies and adequate facilities.

Two Tons of Rice to Fulfill the Need for Food in Two West Sumatran Pesantrens' photo
The handover of the rice given by ACT to the Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PADANG - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) West Sumatra delivered rice as part of the Rice for Indonesian Santris (BERISI) program to two cities in West Sumatra on Thursday (10/31). The targets of this program were pesantrens in rural or remote areas that still have limited infrastructure and food supplies.

"Alhamdulillah, we have delivered rice to the Perkampungan Minangkabau Boarding School, or what is commonly called the Shine Al-Falah Islamic Boarding School in Padang. The other distribution location was the Baiturridwan Islamic Boarding School in Bukittinggi. Each pesantren got one ton of rice for the students' food needs," said Zeng Welf as ACT West Sumatera Branch Manager.

Zeng added, there are still many Indonesian students who are in poor condition. This program is expected to fulfill their food needs. Therefore, the benefactors who participated in the BERISI program is supporting the students in pursuing Islamic knowledge and spreading the religion.

"This BERISI program is expected to be an inspiration for Muslims to take part in supporting the Indonesian santris. The crucial role of the santris can be seen from the many national heroes who come from these santri circles," said Zeng.

The students were watching the handover of rice at the Shine Al-Falah Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews / Inel Hendriani)

The boarding schools were very grateful for the BERISI program. According to Samsul Akmal as the Chairman of the Shine Al-Falah Islamic Boarding School, the BERISI program really helped the students in fulfilling their food needs. On that occasion, Samsul also revealed that, besides food, his boarding school also needs help with the buildings.

"In addition to rice, we also need help from benefactors for the further improvement of the pesantren’s buildings so that the children can study and live comfortably,” Samsul said.

Samsul felt very grateful for the one ton of rice given to his boarding school. He prayed for the benefactors who had given the assistance through ACT.

"We also express our deepest gratitude to ACT and the benefactors who have cared for the students. May Allah reward you with multiple rewards, "concluded Samsul.

The BERISI program will continue to meet the food needs of underprivileged students spread throughout Indonesia. []