Two Waqf Wells Ease Water Crisis Faced by Internally Displaced Rohingya

Two Waqf Wells were built for internally displaced Rohingya in Sittwe, Rakhine, Myanmar. This is an effort to alleviate the clean water crisis that has shackled the refugees for years.

waqf well
The joy of internally displaced Rohingya in Myanmar in welcoming the new Waqf Wells. (ACT News)

ACTNews, SITTWE – Waqf wells were rebuilt for Rohingya internal refugees in Sittwe City, Rakhine, Myanmar. Firdaus Guritno from the Global Humanity Network Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team said that two units of water wells were built by the waqf donors from Indonesia to alleviate the water crisis faced by the internally displaced.

For years, the water crisis has forced them to walk kilometers away from their settlements to get some water in a nearby river. Sadly, the water that they get is often cloudy and unclean.

“The Rakhine state is located in western Myanmar. This state is home to around 140,525 Rohingya internally displaced people living in 24 concentration camps in the area. Compared to other states, Rakhine is relatively underdeveloped, and the people there are also very short of water sources," Firdaus said, Tuesday (5/17/2022).

The internally displaced Rohingya were very happy when the ACT team came to their area to build a water well. At least 1,200 IDPs benefit from the Waqf Well which was built in their village.

"The construction of the wells involves local residents. When the wells were finished, the people couldn’t hide their happiness. They were elated because they no longer have to walk to the nearby river for clean water," said Firdaus.

However, the pump wells that were built will dry up and run out of water over time. This will require another water well to be built.

“The water is used not only for cooking, drinking, and bathing but also for ablution. This is why the Waqf Well construction for the Rakhine state has been regularly carried out almost every year,” added Firdaus. []