UAE Embassy to Distribute Thousands of Ramadan Food Packages

UAE Embassy to Distribute Thousands of Ramadan Food Packages

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Ramadan is in matter of days. The people of the Indonesian capital have been busy preparing for the arrival of the blessed month. Markets were filled as everyone has been shopping to prepare special dishes for the first iftar and suhoor. For those who have enough money, preparing special dishes for iftar and suhoor is something affordable. What about those who live in poverty?

They struggle for each morsel of food here in Jakarta. Until sunset, they may have nothing with which they can break their fast. It is an undeniable fact that one of the main problems in Jakarta is economic inequality.

In a gathering before Ramadan in Jakarta City Hall, the Governor of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta Anies Baswedan said that the problem of economic inequality in Jakarta is getting even more complex. “One of the problems in Jakarta is the problem of economic inequality, where the rich are getting richer and the poor still have nothing at all,” said Baswedan.

UAE Embassy distributes thousands of Ramadan packages

To help solving the social and economic problems in Jakarta, the United Arab Emirates Embassy to Indonesia invites Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) to collaborate in a philanthropic action that will begin in the first days of Ramadan.

The plans have been arranged. Insha Allah, in the first week of Ramadan, the UAE Embassy to Indonesia has prepared thousands of staple food packages for the underprivileged families in Jakarta for their suhoor and iftar. The distribution locations will include several slum areas in Jakarta.  

“Alhamdulillah, through the collaboration between the UAE Embassy and ACT, 1,000 staple food packages will be distributed. This initiative is called Iftar Project. This will be the first year of collaboration between ACT and the UAE Embassy,” explained Muhammad Faisol Amrullah of Global Philanthropy Network (GPN) – ACT.

Interviewed after the meeting in the UAE Embassy in Kuningan, South Jakarta, Amrullah explained that the distribution will be done in the first week of Ramadan. “These special packages will be distributed totally in the beginning of Ramadan. The main beneficiaries are underprivileged families in Jakarta’s slum areas,” he said.

As for the distribution location, Rifai of ACT’s Humanity Network Department explained that the Iftar Program from the UAE embassy will be brought to ACT-supported neighborhoods. “Insha Allah, 1,000 packages will be distributed in Kampung Muka, Ancol, Pademangan Sub-district,” said RIfai.

Each package given by UAE embassy’s Iftar Project consists of various staple food items such as rice, sugar, flour and cooking oil. These items are essential for the underprivileged families to cook their meals.

“The Iftar Project collaboration between ACT and the UAE embassy will spread many benefits. This is in line with ACT’s spirit this Ramadan to enjoin everybody to Give the Best for Ramadan. Insha Allah, this humanitarian collaboration will continue in the upcoming month,” concluded Amrullah, Monday (5/15) in the UAE Embassy. []


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