Uho Peddles Chicken Congee Four Kilometers Every Day to Support His Family

For almost ten years, Uho (48) has been working as a chicken congee peddler to provide for his family back in his hometown. Though his income is uncertain, his spirit never relents because he does this to support his wife and three children.

Every day, Uho spends from IDR 150 to 200 thousand to make chicken congee that he sells. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BATAM – That morning, Uho (48) was busier than usual. He took out several pieces of Styrofoam packaging made the orders for Global Wakaf – ACT who visited him that day to buy up all of his porridge, Wednesday (9/1/2021). His joy was apparent from his big smile.

"Thank you for buying up the chicken congee that I made. I pray that God make all your business easy,” said Uho who was selling in Tanjung Riau Village, Sekupang District, Batam City.

Since 2011, Uho has been selling chicken congee every morning. He estimated that he peddles for up to 4 kilometers every day. Though it is hard work, Uho never gives up because he does it to support his wife and three children back in his hometown. "It's been a long time since I went home. Currently, it’s rather costly to go home," explained Uho.

During the pandemic, his sales have been decreasing. He requires around IDR 150 to 200 thousand every day to make the chicken congee. “I often can’t sell out all of my chicken congee due to the pandemic. Even if I manage to sell it all, sometimes I can’t use the money for the capital because I use it for my daily needs,” said Uho.

But Uho is still grateful for what he earns every day. After Global Wakaf – ACT visited him to buy up his congee, he was able to go home earlier with a happy heart. The packages of chicken congee bought from Uho were given away for free to the community. []