Ujang Afraid to Sell, Receive Uncertain Income During Emergency PPKM

Since 08.00 a.m, Ujang's coconut ice had not been sold. ACTNews team visited Ujang's shop and enjoyed Ujang's coconut ice.

coconut ice sellers
One of the coconut ice sellers in Pejaten Raya is affected by Emergency PPKM (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA — Ujang is one of the coconut ice sellers right behind the Pejaten Village shopping center on Jalan Pejaten Raya, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. When ACTNews team met him, he sat pensively waiting for customers to come.

He had been opening his stall since 08:00 a.m. However, not a single customer had bought his iced coconut until the ACTNews team came and enjoyed the coconut ice made by Ujang.

Ujang complained about the implementation of Emergency PPKM. He thought only small people could not do anything. He chose to surrender even though this regulation had a big impact on his family's economy.

"This is the second time that my income has dropped drastically. The first was at the beginning of the pandemic, and the second is during the current Emergency PPKM. My income had increased, and I thought it would return to normal. Unfortunately, my income dropped again during the emergency PPKM,” he said, Friday (7/23/2021).

Ujang is a young man from Serang, Banten. He lives and works in Jakarta by himself. He rents a stall in front of a former workshop shop with an expensive rental price for him.

The distance from Jakarta to Serang is not too far, but Ujang admits that he rarely comes home. Every day, he saves his income for daily needs in Jakarta. When there is a chance to go home, he usually goes home by a pick-up car carrying coconuts.

During the implementation of emergency PPKM, Ujang admits his income is uncertain. If he is lucky, in a day, he can get around 10 to 15 customers. Sometimes, he only gets 5 to 8 customers.

“My income is uncertain. Recently, I only brought 500 to 600 coconuts from the village. I used to bring 1000 to 1500 coconuts before the pandemic. Fortunately, coconuts will last longer if they haven't been opened," said Ujang.

It was viral on social media that coconut water could cure and prevent Covid-19. Ujang said he was flooded with orders, but it was only for a few days after that the customers were reduced again.

During the emergency PPKM, Ujang admits that he cannot peacefully sell. He often received threats from officers who disciplined street vendors. Ujang told the officers that there was no crowd in his place.

"The officers came and threatened me not to crowd. However, there were no people who came to drink coconut here," he said with a smile, even though he was afraid.

Ujang also hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon and be lost forever in Indonesia. He admits that he does not know what to do and only surrender if the pandemic in Indonesia does not end yet, even though the pandemic has been around for two years.

"Hopefully, the pandemic will end soon. I want to earn money for my daily life. I am not afraid of this pandemic, but I just want to be normal again," he said.