UN Warns Food Insecurity in Yemen Will Increase By 2022

Food insecurity in Yemen is expected to skyrocket by 2022 due to the escalating conflict and reduction in international aid.

Famine in Yemen
Famine in Yemen. (World Food Programme/Mohammed Awadh)

ACTNews, YEMEN – The United Nations (UN) has warned that food insecurity in Yemen will increase by 5 million cases by 2022. According to the UN, one of the reasons is the declining humanitarian aid.

Ali al-Dahab, a Yemeni researcher and military affairs analyst, predicted that his country will witness more military operations in 2022 and causing more complications to the current situation.

According to a UNICEF report released in December last year, the protracted armed conflict has left 70% of the population in Yemen, including 11.3 million children, in need of humanitarian assistance.

The report further said that the situation has severely impacted the health and nutrition of children, with 2.3 million children acutely malnourished and another 400,000 moderately malnourished.

It is exacerbated further by the depreciation of the Yemeni-Rial currency, which makes food and medicine extremely expensive and difficult to obtain. []