Unilever - ACT Collaboration: Bringing Happiness for ICS Duyu Inhabitants

Unilever - ACT Collaboration: Bringing Happiness for ICS Duyu Inhabitants

 ACTNews, PALU – For more than a week, the victims of earthquake and soil liquefaction in Palu have been living in the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) compound in Duyu Village, Tatanga Sub-District. Around 96 families whose houses were destroyed now live in shelters built by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).

The hope for recovery was clearly seen glimmering on their faces. They are not alone. There are still individuals and institutions out there who care for the suffering of Central Sulawesi disaster victims. One of them is Unilever Indonesia, who donated humanitarian aid in collaboration with ACT, Tuesday (27/11).

During their visit that afternoon, Unilever Indonesia symbolically handed over their donation. It is the expression of their care and sympathy, and it affirms Unilever’s commitment for humanitarian endeavors. Director of ACT Strategic Partnership, Mukti, stated that Unilever had been actively collaborating with ACT during emergency phases.

“Each of the humanitarian aid that was donated by Unilever has been handed over in the form of noncash donation. Every emergency phase, Unilever allocates items to be donated for the disaster-affected people to then be sent to Indonesia Humanitarian Center in Gunung Sindur,” explained Mukti.

In line with Mukti’s statements, Director of Unilever’s Governance and Corporate Affair, Sancoyo Antarikso said that Unilever tries to continuously assist the people on Indonesia. “Since the disasters that happened in Aceh, Nias and Lombok, we try to help by doing what we can do together. With Aksi Cepat Tanggap, we have been collaborating for a long time. Hopefully, this collaboration will continue to grow stronger,” Antarikso stated in his speech.

In this event, the people of ICS Duyu was also excited for the attendance of a midfielder of PS Tira football club from Palu, Rian Wiradinata. He came to motivate the children and to play football with them. The people of ICS Duyu were also very happy for the distribution of thousands of ice cream packages by Unilever.

The arrival of generous donors who come to express their sympathy brought immense happiness to the disaster victims. Until Monday (12/3), the activities in ICS Duyu such as cooking in the public kitchen, religious activities in the mosque, and other activities are still going on. []



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