Uplifting the Economy of MSMEs Affected by the Pandemic Through Pasar Sedekah

Shopping at Pasar Sedekah not only helps business owners to survive amid a pandemic but can also give charity to others in need.

Pasar Sedekah website
Pasar Sedekah is a shopping platform pioneered by ACT to help small business owners from adversity during the pandemic. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The soaring number of cases of Covid-19 has deteriorated various sectors, including micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The regulation of social restrictions imposed by the government has reduced people's activities. Shopping activities at stalls or small traders also declined. Many small business owners have decreased income or are forced to close their businesses.

Through a marketplace pioneered by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), namely Pasar Sedekah, ACT offers a solution to revive micro-business owners from adversity during the pandemic. Pasar Sedekah invites business owners to maximize profits and expand their marketing network while still based on sharia economic values ​​and the principle of benefit.

“Pasar Sedekah has become an alternative online shopping platform that is safe, easy, and convenient. Insha Allah is also full of commercial benefits. For buyers who shop at Pasarsedekah.com, it will automatically help business owners to be able to survive in the pandemic," said Pasar Sedekah CEO, Puti Halimah, Friday (7/23/2021).

Various product categories are sold at the Pasar Sedekah, such as food, clothing, health products, and many more. There are also service bidders in Pasar Sedekah, such as sewing and repair services, digital wedding invitation-making services, shoe and chair washing services, and much more.

“The donations will then be collected and allocated to various humanitarian aid programs promoted by ACT to help people throughout Indonesia and people in countries in the world that are experiencing humanitarian crises,” said Puti.

People who want to shop, give charity, and help micro-enterprises, can directly visit the official website of Pasar Sedekah at Pasarsedekah.com. Likewise, business owners who wish to sell their products at Pasar Sedekah can register on the same site.

"There will be a list option for sellers. The business owners need to fill out the form, upload the product, and so on. Later, our team will contact them to carry out other processes such as verification, data entry, and so on,” said Puti. []