Ustaz Abdul Kohar Serves as Guidance for Pasir Randu Residents

Ustaz Abdul Kohar not only provides Islamic guidance to adults but also teaches Quran to the children. He is the beacon of Islamic knowledge in the village where many of the Muslims are converts.

abdul kohar
Ustaz Kohar and the students collect water in a drum. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GARUT – Nothing weakens Ustaz Abdul Kohar Koswara's spirit in preaching Islam to the residents of Pasir Randu Hamlet, Samudera Jaya Village, Caringin District, Garut Regency. He is the beacon of Islamic knowledge in the neighborhood where many of the Muslims are converts.

He teaches adults and children alike in a 4-by-4 meter mosque. The mosque has no proper toilet but a small booth made of sheets of fabric. To make an ablution, the worshippers rely on water storage in which they store rainwater. “We also take water from the nearby river which is about 300 meters from the mosque,” he said, Friday (12/24/2021).

Before the Islamic classes begin, Ustaz Abdul Kohar and his students collect water from the river. When it rains, they bring out buckets and jerry cans to store the rainwater.

Rizky Nugraha from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Garut team explained that access to Pasir Randu Hamlet is quite difficult. The path is rocky and slippery when it rains. "The journey ACT Garut branch office in Tarogong to Pasir Randu Hamlet takes about four hours through the hills around Mount Cikuray," he said.

Rizky said Ustadz Abdul Kohar teaches Islam without being paid. He just wants the children in Pasir Randu Hamlet to have Islamic knowledge. He works as a farmer to make ends meet.[]