Ustaz Ahmad Zarkasih: I Change My Business to Teach the Quran

Ustaz Ahmad Zarkasih is willing to close his barbershop so he can focus on teaching the children the Quran. Whereas he loaned business capital from the bank, and it has not been paid off until now.

Ustaz Ahmad Zarkasih
Ustaz Ahmad Zarkasih makes dolls. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KARAWANG – Changing people's views for the better is not easy, especially if those who want to make changes are people who have not lived in the area.

It was what Ustaz Ahmad Zarkasih faced when he first returned to his hometown in Kertawaluya Village, Tirtamulya District, Karawang Regency, in 2012. The return of Ustaz Ahmad Zarkasih, usually called Ustaz Usep, to his hometown was to open a business after living in another city.

“When I was in Bandung, I opened an embroidery business and had several employees. Now, the business had shut down because it could not compete with more modern embroidery businesses. I decided to return to Jakarta,” said Ustaz Ahmad Zarkasih when interviewed by ACTNews, Tuesday (11/2/2021).

After the embroidery business went bankrupt, Ahmad Zarkasyi opened a food stall in the school canteen. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, He went bankrupt again. He decided to open a barbershop business at home.

I planned to open a mobile barbershop. I already borrowed the capital from the bank. Suddenly, there was a neighbor's child asking to be taught the Quran. I chose to teach first before working as a barber. Over time, many children want to study the Quran. I decided to stop my mobile barbershop and open it at home instead,” said the father of four children.