Ustaz Anang's Hope to Recover from Kidney Disorder

Ustaz Anang (40), suffering from a kidney disorder, has been preaching around Batam City. Now, he needs to be treated regularly and hopes to be able to resume his normal activities.

Ustaz Anang
Ustaz Anang undergoes dialysis three times a week due to his illness. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BATAM CITY – "This disease is my fate. But, how long will my wife have to support our small family on her own?" Since he was sentenced to stage four kidney disorder, Ustaz Anang Jazuli's (40) mind has been racing with this question.

This disease requires a resident of Batu Besar Village, Nongsa District, Batam City, to have dialysis up to three times per week. His body is weakening and thinning, and he is much different than when he was healthy. Because of his failing health, Ustaz Anang cannot travel around Batam City to preach as he once did.

Meanwhile, Ustazah Henny, wife of Ustaz Anang, becomes the breadwinner of her family. Ustazah Henny works as a baker in addition to preaching. There are often those who provide necessities and staple food to their homes in addition to their daily needs.

However, the income is insufficient to support the family and the treatment. Ustaz Anang was once five months behind on his son's rent and school fees. When he went to the hospital, the cost of his treatment was estimated to be IDR 186 million.

Ustazah Henny sells cakes as a side business. (ACTNews)

"Our tears have dried, sir. What makes us sad is that the eldest (nine years old) is responsible for his younger siblings, who are seven and three years old, at home. "I have to deliver cake orders, teach the Quran, and accompany their father to the hospital for dialysis," Ustazah Henny said quietly.

Ustazah Henny's shoulders are still strong as a mother and wife, protecting the defense of her children and husband. Even if she sometimes feels as if her defenses crumble when she is sad.

Global Zakat-ACT has been assisting Ustaz Anang in his treatment through the Mobile Social Rescue (MSR) program since last October. On Wednesday (3/16/2022), the team went directly to Ustaz Anang's house.

"The plan is for Ustaz Anang to undergo another effusion or suction fluid from the lungs at Elizabeth Hospital on March 30, 2022, and stay in the hospital for two nights." In addition to BPJS assistance, many costs must be covered. Aside from that, he must maintain his eye and nerve health," said Khairul Hafiz of the Global Zakat-ACT Team Riau Islands.

Hafiz continues to encourage the community to contribute to Ustaz Anang's recovery. "We hope that Ustaz Anang will be able to regain his health and continue to share his knowledge with the people of Batam City. Hopefully, the generosity of the benefactors will allow us to realize our dream," He hopes. []