Ustaz Bejo, a Covid-19 Survivor Who Continues Teaching Quran Enthusiastically

For Ustaz Bejo, meeting the children who learn the Quran with him can motivate him to live his old age.

Ustaz Bejo receives financial assistance from ACT.
Ustaz Bejo receives financial assistance from ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANTUL Ustaz Bejo's 4x5 meter house in Trimulyo Village, Jetis District, Bantul Regency, is now quiet every afternoon. There are no children who used to learn the Quran at his house. This situation has been going on for the last three years.

According to Ustaz Bejo, the local RT allowed the Quran learning activity to be moved to the mosque since his house is no longer able to accommodate the number of children who come to learn the Quran.

“I can finally use the mosque to teach Quran to the children. The head of RT also asked me to be the mosque caretaker,” said Ustaz Bejo, Saturday (8/7/2021).

Ustaz Bejo receives a salary for his activities as a Quran teacher and a mosque caretaker. To meet his daily needs, he also works odd jobs and becomes a construction worker.

“As a construction worker, I only get paid if there’s a construction project I can do. If there’s no project, then I won’t get paid and rely on my colleagues and children to meet my daily food needs,” said the man with one child.

Dicky Fajar from ACT Bantul Program team said that currently, Ustaz Bejo just got back from a Covid-19 quarantine shelter in Sewon. Ustaz Bejo was in critical condition due to the Covid-19 exposure which was exacerbated by his comorbidities so he had to use a breathing apparatus.

Alhamdulillah, he has recently recovered and came back to his home. However, due to his illness, the children’s activity is temporarily halted. Ustaz Bejo has been willing to teach the children again because for him, seeing the children enthusiastically learn the Quran can motivate him to live his old age,” said Dicky, Sunday (8/8/2021).[]