Ustaz Dadang Longs to Go for Umrah Despite His Loss of Vision

Ustaz Dadang has been steadfastly doing his service as a Muslim preacher by visiting one mosque to another to teach the Quran to the children. Although he is blind, he has been yearning to go for an Umrah pilgrimage. Sadly, his meager income has made it difficult.

ustaz dadang
Ustaz Dadang walks using a stick when he goes to the mosque to teach the Quran. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GARUT – Being able to go to the Holy Land to perform Hajj or Umrah is the dream of many Muslims. However, it takes quite a lot of money to go on pilgrimage.

Ustaz Dadang (59), too, has been longing to go to Makkah. He is a Muslim preacher from Cibatu District, Garut Regency who has been blind since he was little. It began with a high fever before his vision went blurry and was finally gone.

"Only Allah knows why. This is Allah’s decree," he said, Tuesday (3/8/2022). Even though Ustaz Dadang is blind, this does not prevent him from continuing to preach Islam by teaching the Quran every day.

To support his family, he earns a monthly income of IDR300,000 from teaching at three Quran schools.

“My wife also helps me by becoming a laundry worker. My children have also been working out of town to help our family’s economy too,” he added.

Ustaz Dadang and his wife hope to be able to perform Umrah in the Holy Land. However, their economic conditions made them difficult to fulfill this dream.

"Hopefully, by teaching the Quran, it will be a way for me to beseech Allah for an opportunity to go for Umrah to Makkah," he hoped. []