Ustaz Didin Works Collecting Scraps and as a Janitor in Addition to Preaching

“Mathematically, it is not enough to live off my earning as a Qur’an teacher. However, what Allah gives me has been enough, even more than enough,” said Ustaz Didin, a Muslim preacher in Cirebon who also works as a janitor and scrap collector.

ustaz didin
Ustaz Didin cleans up the scraps to be resold. (ACTNews/M. Ubaidillah)

ACTNews, CIREBON – Every day, Ustaz Didin Sahdiya goes around the neighborhood in Argasurya Village of Harjamukti District, Cirebon City, with his father-in-law to pick up garbage and collect scraps from one house to another from 6 to 9 a.m.

At night, he works as a Qur’an teacher, riding a bicycle for 3.7 kilometers to the place where he teaches every day after sunset.

As a janitor, he earns IDR 350,000. In addition, he makes extra IDR 200 to 250 thousand from selling scraps. “As a Qur’an teacher, I earn IDR 400,000 monthly,” said Ustaz Didin who has to support his wife and three children, Tuesday (10/13/2021).

Ustaz Didin revealed, mathematically, he would not be able to meet his family’s needs with less than IDR 1 million. He has to pay for the electricity bill, food for five family members, education costs, and other needs of his toddler children.

“However, what Allah gives me has been enough, even more than enough. I don’t know how or why this is the case, but we never go hungry,” he told ACTNews.

Ustaz Didin when interviewed by ACTNews. (ACTNews/M. Ubaidillah)

Ustaz Didin’s main reason to teach is simply to worship. He hopes that the future Muslim generation will have excellent morals. This can only be realized if the teacher’s intention is pure.

“My wish is for children to be able to recite the Qur’an and live according to it. Don't let the prayer room be deserted and abandoned because the young Muslims can’t read the Qur’an. When children come to the mosque, although they come mostly to play, we must scold them and kick them from the mosque. They are children after all,” said Ustaz Didin. []