Ustaz Endang Persistently Teaches Local Children Despite His Blindness

Though he was born without the ability to see, Ustaz Endang has the ability to recite the Quran. Having studied under a teacher by listening, Ustaz Endang is now a Quran teacher who dedicates himself to teaching the children in his village.

ustaz endang
Ustaz Endang teaches his students in the mosque. (ACTNews/M. Ubaidillah)

ACTNews, KARAWANG – Amid the rain, the azan was called. The rain didn’t stop the children from coming to the mosque in Kampung Baged, scrambling to get there first.

Ustaz Endang (72) was walking slowly behind the students, reaching out his hand to get anything to hold on to. When he finally arrived at the mosque, the students greeted him. The Asr prayer then began with him as the leader.

After the prayer, the children rushed to get the Quran copies and then sat in a circle. They began the class by reading Al-Fatihah, the opening chapter of the Quran.

“Who arrived here first? He or she may read the Quran first,” said Ustaz Endang to his students, Tuesday (11/2/2021).

Ustaz Endang has been serving as the village’s only Imam and Quran teacher. Since 1990, he has opened a Quran class for the village children, receiving no salary for this activity.

“What matters is that the children want to recite the Quran and the mosque is filled with activities. I also do it to spend my time,” said Ustaz Endang when ACTNews interviewed him at his house.

Although he was born blind, Ustaz Endang never depends on others to do his daily activities.