Ustaz Hendri Wholeheartedly Teaches Underprivileged Orphans

Since 2008, Ustaz Hendri chose to serve by teaching the Quran and fiqh to orphans and underprivileged children in Prabumulih City, South Sumatra.

Ustaz Hendri
Ustaz Hendri teaches the Quran to an orphan child in Al-Lazim Mosque, Prabumulih City, South Sumatra, Monday (10/11/2021).

ACTNews, PRABUMULIH – Ustadz Hendri (46), a preacher in Muara Dua Village, East Prabumulih District, Prabumulih City, South Sumatra, continues to uphold the wholehearted spirit of preaching. Every day, he dedicates his steps to Al-Lazim Mosque to teach Islamic knowledge to orphan and impoverished children.

Ustaz Hendri teaches Islamic knowledge including reciting the Quran, procedures of prayer, as well as fiqh to his 40 students. He divides the learning time into four shifts to focus the learning based on the children’s levels of ability.

“I start teaching from 11 a.m until after the Asr prayer. Per shift, there are 10 students. I am aware that those children require strong Islamic guidance despite the absence of father figures since they had passed away. Therefore, I strive to teach Islamic knowledge to the children,” said Ustaz Hendri, Monday (10/11/2021).

Since 2008, Ustaz Hendri has been devoting himself as a Muslim preacher. All of his orphan or underprivileged students are not charged for tuition. For Ustaz Hendri, preaching must be intended sincerely by hoping for the blessings of Allah.

Despite his dedication as a Muslim preacher, Ustaz Hendri still has a big burden on his shoulders. Currently, he is still living in his parents’ house while two of his children still require school tuition. Ustaz Hendri is helped by his wife to make a living by selling uduk rice every morning.

“I don’t want to talk about my salary since I intend to do worship instead of looking for money. However, I am grateful for the IDR 100 thousand of appreciation money that I receive every month while from selling uduk rice I can earn IDR 50 thousand per day. Insha Allah, I and my family will always be filled with sufficient sustenance by Allah,” explained Ustaz Hendri.

As an effort to assist Ustaz Hendri and his family, ACT-MRI Prabumulih provided a food package and Waqf Rice assistance on Monday (10/11/2021). Ustaz Hendri expressed his gratitude for the received assistance.

Alhamdulillah, thank you very much for the staple food and Waqf Rice assistance. Hopefully, the staff, volunteers, and philanthropists of ACT can be blessed and protected by Allah,” he added.[]