Ustaz Main Pria: “They Forbade Me from Building a Mosque”

Ustaz Main Pria has long been dedicating himself to preaching Islam in Landak in West Kalimantan. Once, some of the locals ordered him to dismantle a mosque that he was building.

ustaz main pria
Ustaz Main Pria teaches Quran to the local children. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LANDAK – Ustaz Main Pria’s da’wah (Islamic preaching) struggle has been long and arduous. For years, he has been dedicating himself to teaching Islam to the residents of Sengah Temila District of Landak Regency in West Kalimantan. Throughout his service, he has faced obstacles and even rejections. Yet, his spirit to teach and preach Islam never dampens.

Ustaz Main Pria is from Gresik. He first came to Landak in 1989 after an invitation from a university professor from Pontianak. Together, they planned to build a mosque where he can lead the congregants and preach Islam. This mosque was designated to be a center of Islamic teaching, especially for the newly-converted.

Suddenly, some of the locals forbade him from building the mosque. He had no choice but to have the structure dismantled. The pillars that were already standing had to be removed.

"Due to the ban and the delay of the mosque’s construction, the converts’ hope and enthusiasm dimmed. It became even more difficult for me because the professor who invited me here passed away, so I have to work on my own,” said Main Pria, Saturday (8/7/2021).

The mosque was finally built in 1991, but Ustaz Main Pria still had to do more work. He tirelessly visited every house to invite the local families to pray in the mosque and maintain it.

"I visited one house to another to invite them to study Islam together at the mosque and enliven it with religious activities such as prayers and Quran recitations. I invite both the parents and children in each house,” he said.

Ustaz Main Pria’s decrepit house. (ACTNews)

To him, the work of Islamic propagation is like cutting down a tree, “it might take some time before the tree finally fells," he said. To preach Islam to individuals or groups also takes time and hard work.

“Although the number of worshippers at the mosque fluctuates, sometimes 25, 30, sometimes just 5 worshippers, the Islamic study circles must go on despite only a few people attending. Alhamdulillah, before the pandemic, there were many who want to go to the mosque, both the old and the young," explained this father of three children.

He is not paid for his service. To make ends meet, he works as a goat farmer. Previously, he was an agricultural farmer, but he felt the yields were unsatisfactory. []