Ustaz Maulana's Hijrah Path Leads Him To Serve For Dawah

Ustaz Maulana Yusuf continues to strive to spread Islamic values to future generations, particularly in faith.

Ustaz Maulana
Ustaz Maulana looks after a dozen students at Tanjung Priok Village's Tahfiz Sunnah Quran Learning Center. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH JAKARTA – Ustaz Maulana Yusuf is now teaching the children at Tanjung Priok Village, Tanjung Priok District, North Jakarta's Tahfiz Sunnah Quran Learning Center. The area surrounding the Quran learning center is a dense residential area directly adjacent to the railroad tracks.

Ustaz Maulana's current activities are inversely proportional to his past experiences. Ustaz Maulana had fallen on hard times because he was not from a religious family and had made the wrong connections.

"In the past, I was one of the village's youths who harmed the environment. There was a lot of darkness in my life. This village became well-known for bad things," Ustaz Maulana stated on Wednesday (3/9/2022).

Fortunately, Ustaz Maulana was able to escape those circumstances. Finally, he felt compelled to change and repent. Because he had experienced the darkness of life at the time, Ustaz Maulana made an effort to ensure that no one after him made the same mistake.

"I realized it was wrong, so I repented and went to study religion. Hence, I could serve in my village, and the future generations can be pious," Ustaz Maulana said.

Ustaz Maulana is currently focused on teaching faith lessons to dozens of children in his surroundings. Hence, their faith is preserved. Furthermore, he constantly gains knowledge from his teachers. Ustaz Maulana makes a living as an Islamic alternative medicine practitioner.

The Global Zakat-ACT Team expressed gratitude for Ustaz Maulana's struggle through the National Movement for Indonesian Preachers' Prosperity program. Ustaz Maulana received financial assistance through this program. Hopefully, this program will encourage Ustaz Maulana's efforts to teach religious values to children in his community. []