Ustaz Novan: Becoming Caretaker and Imam in Mosque are Alms

Every day, Ustaz Akhi Novan, who works as a construction worker, is willing to travel more than 10 kilometers to serve as the caretaker of a mosque in the Leuser mountains area. For him, it is a charity that he can give.

Ustaz Akhi Novan
Ustaz Akhi Novan receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTHEAST ACEH  – Working as a construction worker does not discourage Ustaz Akhi Novan from consistently give charity. For Ustaz Novan, alms do not have to be money but can also be a service.

Ustaz Novan is the founder of Al-Hidayah mosque, Bukit Meriah Village, Leuser District, Southeast Aceh Regency. He founded this mosque with his father. Many people called this mosque a mosque above the clouds because it is located above the Leuser mountains.

“I become an imam and committee at Al-Hidayah mosque. This mosque was built because the distance to the nearest mosque is 10 kilometers. I built this mosque together with the residents. I did not have money to donate. Hence, I contributed ideas and my services to build and manage it,” said Ustaz Akhi Novan, Thursday (9/2/2021).

Ustaz Novan also became a caretaker at Sabilussalam Mosque, Karo Village Village, Lawe Sigala Gala District, Southeast Aceh Regency. The distance between his house and Sabulussalam mosque is about 12 kilometers.

“Muslims in Kampung Karo Village are a minority and still need to be guided. Hence, I have to help to guide them and continue to carry out activities at the mosque. I have no problem going back and forth from Bukit Meriah Village to Kampung Karo. I leave in the morning and return in the afternoon. I consider this as my alms,” said the father of two children.

Hidayatullah from the ACT Lhokseumawe team says that Bukit Meriah Village in Leuser and Karo Village are in the mountains. The trip will take time because the vehicle cannot be driven quickly.

"Because it goes up and down hills, so we have to be careful. The road is also not all smooth because it is unpaved and rocky. However, it is not an obstacle for Ustaz Novan," he concluded.[]