Ustaz Qodri, Muslim Preacher in the Land of Karo

It has been 13 years since Ustaz Qodri Pinem started preaching in Kuta Buluh Village, Karo. Teaching Islam in a Muslim minority region is a challenge for him because it is difficult to change local customs that are contrary to Islamic values, but he doesn’t give up preaching.

Ustaz Qodri teaching his students. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KARO - For 13 years, Ustaz Khairun Qodri Pinem has been preaching Islam in an inland village in Tanah Karo. Born in Dairi Regency, he now preaches in Kuta Buluh Village. For years, this young ustaz has been preaching from one house to another. He now has students both children and adults.

The father of three also teaches Quran to children at Jabal Nur Mosque every Friday, the only mosque in the village. Many of these children have memorized chapters from the Quran, Still, it isn’t easy to teach Islam in predominantly non-Muslim region. There are children who are born Muslim but do not receive proper Islamic teaching.

Many villagers who are already Muslims still eat food that are unlawful (haram) for Muslims, especially during traditional celebrations. Certainly, it is not something easy for him to change. One of his ways in transforming the local Muslim community is giving snacks to attract children to learn the Quran.

When Global Zakat - ACT and Zakat Collection Unit (UPZ) Bank Sumatera Utara gave him financial assistance through the Dai Tepian Negeri Program last Ramadan, he used it not only for himself, but also for the local children. “Ustaz Qodri will also use the money to buy small gifts for his students who memorize the Quran and a little pocket money for his students too. He was happy when he saw his students gathered at a local’s house which was used as temporary madrasa,” said Sakti Wibowo from ACT North Sumatra Program Department.

Hopefully, more generous donors especially from the Muslim community will reach out to Suka Buluh village and other Muslim minority areas to support Islamic preaching efforts because there are many preachers who are struggling to spread Islam in many remote areas, "Thank you ACT and UPZ Bank Sumatra Utara for paying attention to us," concluded Ustaz Qodri when met on Friday (11/6). []