Ustaz Rahayum's Devotion to Building Abandoned Islamic Boarding School

Rebuilding an abandoned Islamic boarding school is not easy. It requires high enthusiasm and dedication because there are no material incentives to it.

ustaz rahayum
Ustaz Rahayum teaches students of at Islamic Irsyadul Islamiyah Islamic boarding school. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LABUHANBATU – Irsyadul Islamiyah Islamic Boarding School in Sei Kasih Village, Bilah Hilir District, Labuhanbatu Regency has been neglected since the passing of its caretaker. There was no substitute teacher nor successor who managed the schools. It was left deserted.

Then, Ustaz M. Rahayum came to Sei Kasih Village and gave hope for the residents to revive the Islamic Boarding School. The building of the school was renovated and is now functional. The locals hope that religious activities can resume in the school.

“If the Islamic boarding school is left abandoned, then there no more place for children in this village to study Islam. Since the caretaker of this school passed away, no one wanted to continue his work,” said Ustaz Rahayum, Tuesday (8/17/2021).

Irsyadul Islamiyah Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews)

Ustaz Rahayum worked together with the local residents to renovate the school building. They contribute both physically and financially to the renovation of the Islamic boarding school. Although the renovation has not been completed, the academic activities in the school have resumed albeit limited.

“The building is still under renovation. However, because it can be used, learning activities have started even though they are still limited. The students are mostly the children of local residents,” he said.

Ustaz Rahayum does not charge the students. He is currently working on restoring the Islamic Boarding School so he feels that it is important that the students feel comfortable. To him, tuition costs can be burdensome for the students.  "It takes courage and high dedication in doing this," he said. []