Ustaz Sauri Realizes Dreams in Remote Musi Rawas

Ustaz Sauri wants the children in his village to have good morals, following the example of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. To make this happen, he built a tahfiz house for children to understand the Quran.

Ustaz Sauri
Ustaz Sauri teaches the Quran to children. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MUSI RAWAS – Prophet Muhammad is the best human being who should be an example. The character of the Messenger of Allah is the morality of the Quran as said by the wife of the Prophet, Aisyah PBUH. It became the motivation of Ustaz Sauri, a Quran teacher in Hamlet 1, Tegal Sari Village, Megang Sakti District, Musi Rawas Regency, in teaching the Quran.

For Ustaz Sauri to understand the morals of the Prophet, the students must understand, read, or even memorize the Quran. After understanding it, then practice its teachings. To make this happen, Ustaz Sauri established a tahfiz house in Kampung Mandala.

"The morality of the students must be like the morals of the Prophet PBUH. To have a character like the Messenger of Allah, you must understand the Quran, then practice it," said Ustaz Sauri when met by ACT Lubuklinggau team, Thursday (11/4/2021).

The students who recite the Quran at Ustaz Sauri are free of charge. However, the parents of students occasionally give sincere and voluntary appreciation. Ustaz Sauri works as a rubber laborer and a keeper of palm trees to fulfill his daily needs,

“After Fajr prayer till 07:00 a.m, I work as a rubber laborer. Starting from 08.00 a.m till noon, I work as a keeper of palm trees. Then, I teach the Quran after Asr prayer. I get income from the rubber harvest,” said Ustaz Sauri.

To help Ustaz Sauri's struggle, Global Zakat-ACT provided financial assistance. Ustaz Sauri did not expect that there were benefactors who paid attention to the Quran teacher in remote areas. "Thank you, it is rare for people to go to remote areas to give help," he concluded.[]