Ustaz Sodikin’s Spirit in Teaching Islam Transcends His Visual Impairment

Ustaz Sodikin, a Muslim preacher who is blind, teaches children at Babusalam Mosque in Padasuka Village in Garut Regency. Despite his visual Impairment and old age, he holds his class every afternoon.

ustaz sodikin
Despite his old age, Ustaz Sodikin’s spirit to benefit others never breaks. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GARUT REGENCY – For Ustaz Sodikin, being blind is not an obstacle to continue doing his activities to benefit others. Despite his blindness and old age, his willingness and spirit to teach never break.

Every afternoon, Sodikin goes to Babusalam Mosque in Padasuka Village, Siteaeur Village, Karangpawitan District, Garut Regency, to teach Islam to the children in his neighborhood. "Every afternoon, my wife takes me to the mosque," said Ustaz Sodikin to the Global Zakat-ACT Garut Team on Monday (2/7/2022).

Their children have grown up, so they no longer have to support them. For Ustaz Sodikin, the meager payment he receives from the mosque is enough for his and his wife’s daily needs.

“I'm too old to work. As for the payment from the mosque, it depends on the mosque’s finances. The amount is uncertain, but, Alhamdulillah, it’s still enough for our daily needs,” he added.

Global Zakat-ACT Garut appreciated Ustaz Sodikin's struggle by providing him with living expenses through the National Movement for Indonesian Muslim Preachers’ Prosperity program. Through this program, it is hoped that it can encourage Ustaz Sodikin's dedication in preaching around his neighborhood. []