Ustaz Sudiantoro Persistently Teaches Islam in Balikpapan Since Mid-1990’s

Apart from teaching Quran at a mosque, Ustaz Sudiantoro is often invited to give lectures and take care of several mosques across Balikpapan.

ustaz sudiantoro
Ustaz Sudiantoro has been preaching Islam since the 90s. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BALIKPAPAN – Ustaz Sudiantoro's loyalty to preaching Islam has always been persistent. Since mid-1990’s he has been teaching and giving Islamic lectures, aiming only to serve the community through preaching.

"Initially, I taught the Quran privately, then I started giving lectures around the border of Balikpapan City,” said Ustaz Sudiantoro to the Global Zakat-ACT Team on Thursday (2/3/2022).

He is currently teaching at a Quran school managed by Nurul A’la Mosque in Baru Ilir Village, West Balikpapan District, with thirty students under his tutelage. In addition, he also preaches at several mosques between Balikpapan and Kutai Kartanegara.

“My income is uncertain. From the Quran School, I receive around IDR 100,000 to 200,000 a month. I used to receive incomes from the mosques that I take care of, but they no longer pay me during the pandemic,” said Sudiantoro.

Nevertheless, his persistence never weakens. In a week, he can give lectures at ten mosques. He does this to strengthen Islamic understanding in the area.

As a form of appreciation for Ustaz Sudiantoro, Global Zakat – ACT provided financial assistance through the National Movement for Indonesian Muslim Preachers’ Prosperity. “Thank you very much for this assistance. Hopefully, the encouragement you gave me will be rewarded, and Global Zakat – ACT and its donors will be blessed by Allah,” prayed Ustaz Sudiantoro. []