Ustaz Zainal's Struggle in Maintaining Quran Recitation in Ciamis

Ustaz Zainal had to change the teaching place so that the village children would continue to recite the Quran. The increasing number of students makes the mosque atmosphere crowded and disrupts the solemnity of the congregation.

Ustaz Zainal
Ustaz Zainal receives financial assistance. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CIAMIS – The presence and enthusiasm of the children who recite the Quran in the mosque become a dilemma. Children can learn Islamic education. However, the solemnity of other congregations is disturbed by the children's voice either when they are reciting the Quran or playing.

That is what Ustaz Zainal Muttaqin experienced when teaching children the Quran at one of the mosques in Maleber Village, Ciamis District, Ciamis Regency. The number of students is increasing, but there are no additional teachers, making the Quran activities longer.

"Because I teach alone but the number of students increases, so I have not finished teaching until Isha time. The children take turns to read the Quran, so it takes longer," said Ustaz Zainal when met by ACT Ciamis team, Wednesday (9/22/2021).

However, the solemnity of the congregation during worship was disrupted, and the congregation suggested that the study be moved to another place. Ustaz Zainal was confused about where was the place to study the Quran? He had time to think about disbanding the activity.

“We do not have a place for children to recite the Quran. I wanted to disband the Quran recitation, but the parents said to continue. I decided to move to my house even though it is crammed because my house is narrow. Alhamdulillah, I can teach the Quran to children until today,” said Ustaz Zainal.

Andra Rian from ACT Ciamis team says Ustaz Zainal's dedication to educating children is much. Almost all the children in the village recite the Quran to Ustaz Zainal. "So far, he has not received money from anyone, including the parents of his students," he explained.

To support Ustaz Zainal's struggle, Global Zakat-ACT provided financial assistance, Wednesday (9/22/2021). "Ustaz Zainal expressed his gratitude to benefactors for the assistance,” Rian said.[]