Ustazah Eka Pawns Her TV and Cellphone to Eat

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ustazah Eka faces a financial crisis. She even has pawned her television and cellphone to be able to eat.

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Ustazah Eka teaches at Al-Furqan Quran Learning Center. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BALIKPAPAN – The pandemic has truly destroyed the economy of Ustazah Eka Listiawati’s family. To survive, she has to pawn her electronic goods.

Ustazah Eka is a Quran teacher at Al-Furqan Quran Learning Center (TPQ), Damai Village, Balikpapan District, Balikpapan City. Despite her critical economic condition, she still enthusiastically teaches the Quran to the children. To be able to survive, Ustazah Eka has pawned her cellphone and TV.

“I have no intention to stop teaching the Quran nor seek a better job. I will keep being grateful to be able to stay healthy until now,” said Ustazah Eka, Tuesday (8/31/2021).

Ustazah Eka’s salary from teaching at the TPQ is IDR 300 thousand per month. During the Covid-19 pandemic, her husband only works odd jobs with uncertain income, starting from being an online taxi or a construction worker.

“It has been eight months that he doesn’t have a fixed-job. To make a living, he works odd jobs with an IDR 50 thousand salary which is barely afford every day,” she said.

To ease the burden of Ustazah Eka, Global Zakat-ACT has delivered financial assistance on Tuesday (8/31/2021). In addition, assistance was also delivered to the other three Quran teachers at TPQ Al-Furqan.[]