Ustazah Hadija’s Challenges in Teaching Quran in Central Buton

Although the facilities in the Islamic school in which she teaches are limited, Ustazah Hadija never relents in striving to eradicate Quran illiteracy.

ustazah hadija
Ustazah Hadija delivers a lesson. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CENTRAL BUTON– The struggle to eradicate Quran illiteracy is long and difficult. It takes consistency and steadfastness to do it. Ustazah Hadijah, a teacher from Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School in Central Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, is among the teachers working hard to teach Quran to children in Indonesia’s peripheral areas.

“The Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School in Central Buton is the school where I teach amid a society that is still holding tight to their ancestral traditions. This is a challenge apart from having to split my time between work and family,” said Hadija who has a three-year-old child, Friday (11/19/2021).

Another difficulty that Hadija has to face is the lack of proper facilities in the Islamic Boarding School. Most of the students are from poor families so Hadijah does not charge high fees. They are so poor that they are unable to buy their own Quran copies. They have to take turns using the Quran.

The building where Hadija teaches is made of woven bamboo walls. When it rains heavily, they have to stop their class to collect rainwater to be used for purification and other purposes.

“Freshwater is difficult to obtain here. We have to pay IDR 200,000 for one meter cubic of clean water, and that much water can only last for two days,” said Hadija.

Seeing the difficulties Hadija has to go through, Global Zakat – ACT provided financial assistance to her on Friday (11/19/2021). She expressed her gratefulness to all the zakat donors who have entrusted their zakat through Global Zakat – ACT.

"This assistance is the manifestation of Allah’s help as written in Quran Surah Muhammad verse 7: ‘O you who have believed, if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet,’” she concluded. []