Ustazah Siti and Ustaz Omon, a Couple United by Dawah Whose Service Not Hampered by Illness

Ustazah Siti and Ustaz Omon are a couple who have been working together to teach Islam in their neighborhood of Nangoh Hamlet, Bayongbong District, Garut Regency. Ustazah Siti suffers from a mild stroke that has made it difficult for her to move her limbs. Yet, her spirit to teach Islam never weakens despite her illness, with her husband fully supporting her activities.

ustazah siti
Ustazah Siti teaches with her husband, Ustaz Omon, every day. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GARUT REGENCY – Ustaz Omon Hidayat and Ustaz Siti are a couple who have been supporting each other in doing the work of dawah. They teach Islam in their neighborhood in Nangoh Hamlet, Panembong Village, Bayongbong District, Garut Regency.

At Madrasah Al-Amin, they teach the village children sincerely without expecting any worldly gain.

“For our daily needs, Alhamdulillah, my husband and I work as tailors,” said Ustazah Siti when met on Monday (2/14/2022).

Sadly, Ustazah Siti has suffered from a mild stroke. “My limbs are in pain that it’s difficult to move my right hand. At the moment, I can’t help my husband to work,” she said.

She hopes for full recovery so that she can resume his activities, including working and teaching.

On Monday (2/14/2022), a Global Zakat-ACT Garut team visited Ustazah Siti and Ustaz Omon to provide them with financial assistance through the National Movement for Indonesian Muslim Preachers’ Prosperity. The team hoped that the couple will continue teaching despite the difficulties that they are facing. []