Ustazah Sri’s Unwavering Spirit Amid Physical Limitations

Despite living with physical disability, Ustazah Sri never loses hope. She works teaching Quran to the children and selling traditional chips and crackers.

Sri prepares her goods
Sri prepares her goods. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WEST BANDUNG REGENCY – Although her limbs have grown abnormally, giving her mobility impairment, Ustazah Sri Wideningsih never gives up.

She teaches Qur’an every day in Cililin District of West Banding Regency. She has to travel 15 kilometers to work with her brother or by a motorcycle taxi.

To fulfill her daily needs, Ustazah Sri sells traditional snacks such as rengginang, opak, and cassava chips. Her income is uncertain because the goods aren’t always sold out.

“I sell cassava chips, opak, and rengginang that are ready to be fried. Sometimes I earn a profit of IDR 50,000, sometimes IDR 100,000. Alhamdulillah, there are buyers every day. If I can’t sell them out in a day, they still can be sold the next day because these goods can last long,” she said.

Sri sees her disability as something Allah has written for her. It is not a reason for her not to do activities normally like other people. []