Ustazah Tuti, a Quran Teacher Faces Financial Difficulty

Ustazah Tuti has to be the breadwinner for her eight children. The three rooms she rents are currently in arrears due to the declining income of her online shop.

Indonesian Muslim preacher.
Ustazah Tuti receives financial assistance and a prayer kit from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR – The financial burden of Ustazah Tuti Rahmawati is getting heavier. After her husband passed away, Tuti has to struggle by herself to support her eight children. Her activity as a Quran teacher in Al-Furqan Quran Learning Center (TPQ), Pabuaran Wetan Hamlet, Ciangsana Village, Gunung Putri District, Bogor, is carried out with no salary.

Ustazah Tuti is the founder of TPQ Al-Furqan. All of her students learn the Quran for free, while the Quran teachers teach at the TPQ only as their devotion with no salary.

Insha Allah, all the teachers here teach the children sincerely. Their only goal is for the children to be able to recite the Quran and understand Islam. If there are objections for not being paid, or there are other activities, they can tell me to resign,” said Ustazah Tuti, Friday (9/3/2021).

In addition to supporting her eight children, Ustazah Tuti also has to pay for her three rent rooms at once to accommodate her family members.

“One rent room is not enough to accommodate my family members. These past few months the rent room payment is in arrear since the income from my online shop is declining due to the Covid-19 pandemic and PPKM enforcement,” she said.

To meet her daily needs, Ustazah Tuti sells clothes in an online marketplace. Currently, her profit is uncertain. “Sellers like us cannot have a certain income. Sometimes, our merchandise sells well, and sometimes they don’t. However, we still have to be grateful,” she concluded.[]