Ustazah Yulianti’s Dedication Begins with Illness

Despite her health condition, Ustazah Yulianti never despairs. While undergoing treatment for her kidney stones at home, Ustazah Yulianti fills her time by teaching the Qur’an. Now, she teaches dozens of women and children who want to be able to recite the Quran.

Women learn to write the Qur'an at Umm Faiq Qur’an Class. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BALIKPAPAN – 1997 was a bitter year for Ustazah Yulianti. She was diagnosed with kidney stones and had to undergo surgery at a cost of IDR 22 million. Not having that much money, Ustazah Yulianti opted to take other treatments and to stay at home.

It was her illness that eventually brought her to the path of service as a teacher of the Quran for women and children in Karang Rejo Village in Balikpapan City. She initially taught the Qur’an just to fill her time while undergoing treatment at home.

“Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me a warning to my time in this world in a useful way. In 1997 I was ill, but I couldn't undergo surgery because of the cost, so I just stayed home. To fill the time, I taught children to read and write the Qur'an. Over time, the number of students increased, including local women, "said Ustazah Yulianti, Wednesday (8/18/2021).

Ustazah Yulianti did not expect that the enthusiasm of the locals to learn to read and write the Qur'an was very high. In 2017, she founded the Umm Faiq Quran Class. Currently, there are 30 women and children whom she teaches. They study under her free of charge.

"My intention is that of worship and charity on behalf of my mother who has passed away. Hopefully, this will also give me rewards for the rest of my life,” she said.

Even though it was raining, the woman and children flocked to the Qur’an class. Seeing this, Ustazah Yulianti's spirit was bolstered. “They come all the way under the rain just to study. It would be a shame if I lose my enthusiasm and steadfastness,” she explained.

To support Ustazah Yulianti's dedication, Global Zakat-ACT provided sponsorship for her through the Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers program, Wednesday (8/18/2021). In 2021, 3,496 preachers throughout Indonesia have benefitted from this program. []