Various Ways to Do Good Deeds

Doing good deeds is not always in the form of giving out goods. It can also be carried out by giving the best service. This is what as what iBabershop Batam gave to let the underprivileged people and orphans having haircuts for free.

Documentation of iBabershop.
Documentation of iBabershop.

ACTNews, BATAM – There are various ways that can be done to share happiness, moreover, in the moment of Ramadan which is also known as a month full of blessings. Meanwhile, happiness is not always achieved in the form of giving out goods.

This was implemented by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and iBarbershop Batam by giving free haircut service to the underprivileged people and orphans. The action which was held in collaboration with a barbershop in Ruko Grand BSI, Block C3, No. 7, Batam Center was part of Yatim Ceria (Fun Orphans) program.

Abdul Karim, the manager of iBarbershop said that this activity was a form of concern for others. For him, sharing is not always in the form of goods, but also in various other ways including by providing free haircut service.

“With this collaboration, I got to directly interact with the orphans in Batam. Hopefully, we can get the blessings for making them happy,” said Abdul.

The free haircut service has been going on for two weeks. Abdul hoped, this kindness activity could be implemented by others with the purpose of sharing, especially in this difficult situation due to the pandemic in Indonesia.

The Branch Manager of ACT Batam Agus Suprianto said that the kindness action during Ramadan was not only through this free haircut service. Apart from that, the meal packages for underprivileged people also continue to be distributed. Later, until the end of Ramadan, actions of kindness will continue being echoed.[]