Vibrant Islamic Activities in Nur Solihin Mosque in ICS Gondang

Vibrant Islamic Activities in Nur Solihin Mosque in ICS Gondang

ACTNews, NORTH LOMBOK – The sun was setting and the redness of dusk began to appear. The call to prayer was made as the time for maghrib came. Worshippers began to come, filling the ranks inside the mosque. This is a common sight in late afternoon in Nur Solihin Mosque in the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) compound in Gondang, North Lombok.

After the maghrib prayer finished, the the mosque did not turn empty. While some adult worshippers left the place, but the children stayed. They spent the time between maghrib and isha by reading and learning the Quran. Rifai and seven other people also stayed there to facilitate the Quranic learning activity.

“Now, after maghrib there’s a Quranic class for children. There are quite a lot of students, about 150 of them,” said Ahmad Rifai (46), Person-In-Charge of Nur Solihin Mosque in ICS Gondang, Tuesday (10/16).

The attendees of the Quranic class come not only from the ICS, but also children from areas around ICS. “We have eight Quranic teachers in the ICS. I think we need more,” he added.

Rifai mentioned that, after the massive earthquake that shook Lombok two months ago, the life of the people of Lombok is slowly improving. Some have gone back to work, the locals, especially those staying in ICS, regularly hold gathering activities.  “Every Thursday night, we hold an Islamic religious gathering and we pray together in the mosque,” Rifai added.

For the people of Lombok, mosques hold an essential role in their life, including for the disaster-affected people in the ICS like Rifai himself. “A mosque is very, very important. It is a place of public gathering and a place to socialize. It is also a place from which important public announcements are made. It is also a center of activities, even the latest integrated health service post was held in the mosque,” said Rifai.  

The improvement of the life of ICS dwellers was seen not only from the vibrant Islamic activities in the mosque. Rifai also informed that the ICS temporary school buildings are already used by kindergarten students. “Yes, the school buildings are already used by kindergarten students, combination of several kindergartens around the ICS,” he added. Apart from Nur Solihin Mosque and school in ICS Gondang, ACT has built 16 mosques and 10 schools in several regencies in Lombok.

It might be hard for the people of Lombok to forget the disaster that hit on Friday (7/28) and Monday (8/5). However, trauma and loss should not be reasons not to move on. They slowly recover and revive the status of Lombok as the Island of A Thousand Mosques. []



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