Villages in Aceh Tamiang Receive Clean Water Aid

Drought has affected the Veranda of Mecca as the locals are now threatened by water crisis after water sources have dried up.

ACTNews, ACEH TAMIANG - Responding to the droughts in various regions, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues to distribute clean water to fulfill the needs of the drought-affected residents. This time, the residents in Dewa Tanjung Genting Village, Kejuran Muda Subdistrict, Aceh Tamiang Regency received clean water aid on Sunday (7/28).

Laila Khalidah from the ACT Aceh Program Team said that the distribution of clean water aims to fulfill the urgent need for water in many villages in the Veranda of Mecca. The dry season that has come a few months ago has reduced the volume of water that they use.

"The distribution of clean water is expected to reduce the impact of the drought. That is because the locals can no longer rely on the rivers because they dry up," explained Laila.

On that Sunday, ACT brought two water tank cars that carried 8 thousand liters of water. From the water tank trucks, the water was distributed to the reservoirs that the residents had prepared. Hundreds of people stood in line to get clean water.

The clean water distribution was carried out with the assistance of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) team and the the Aceh Tamiang Tourism Ambassador. The distribution location that was far from the urban area was one of the challenges that volunteers and ACT teams had to face to deliver the clean water.

The beneficiaries responded positively to the clean water distribution. They hope that similar water distributions will be carried out regularly because they now solely depend on clean water assistance besides having to buy water for an expensive price.

"We will now plan for more water distributions. Additionally, we are also planning to dig a Waqf Well supported by Global Wakaf as the long term solution to anticipate droughts that occur every year, "Laila added. []