Visiting ACT, Launchgood Strengthens Mutual Collaboration

Visiting ACT, Launchgood Strengthens Mutual Collaboration

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Expanding the benefits of philanthropy in this digital age is not difficult. Online fundraising and crowndfunding platforms have added to the multiple ways of doing philanthropic actions in this day and age. One of the platforms to facilitate us in doing philanthropic work is Launchgood, an online crowdfunding platform based in Michigan, USA. 

In an effort to extend the reach of global philantrophy, Launchgood visited Indonesia. In this occasion, Launchgood CEO Chris Abdur-Rahman Blauvelt paid a visit to Aksi Cepat Tanggap's headquarter on Thursday (22/2).

The interest to know ACT and its actions in the humanitarian field encouraged him to visit ACT during his tour in Indonesia. The Muslim convert from Michigan, USA, has a strong enthusiasm to build a global Muslim community, so that all Muslims and he can maximize the available potential by helping each other. 

In a casual conversation, we told him about 12 years of ACT's endeavors in humanitarian field. Blauvelt admitted that he admires the philanthropic and volunteering movements that always support ACT's humanitarian actions.

"I'm thoroughly impressed. From a very small grassroot initiative after the Tsunami, about 13 years ago now, [ACT] has grown into 130 employees, serving over 40 countries. It shows that when you have sincerity in your actions, then Allah will put blessing in it," expressed Blauvelt. 

Blauvelt fully supports ACT's social and humanitarian programs. He thinks that it's an honor to support ACT whenever and wherever ACT teams may be, because what ACT is doing will raise the status of Indonesia and Muslims across the world. 

Meanwhile, similar appreciation was also expressed by Muhammad Faisol Amrullah of ACT's Global Partnership Network. The visit of Launchgood CEO to ACT's headquarter is a special moment to stengthen mutual collaboration of the two philanthropic organizations. 

"We are among the global campaigners in Launchgood. We're glad to welcome Mr. Blauvelt's visit to our headquarter. With this visit, they (Launchgood) know that ACT is a credible foundation commited to solve global humanitarian crises. Insha Allah, this will be a moment for us to strengthen our future mutual collaboration," said Amrullah. 

Launchgood was founded in 2013. Since then, this crowdfunding site has raised more than USD 35.000.000 for more than 3.000 social and humanitarian campaigns from 180.000 donors across 101 countries. 

This makes Launchgood the biggest Muslim crowdfunding site. Not limited to humanitarian field, Launchgood also supported a number of art, technology, and other projects initiated by Muslims around the globe.   

Since 2016, ACT has campaigned for several of their best social and humanitarian causes through Launchgood, among them are Outer Islands Program, Water Well for Somalia, Pidie Jaya Earthquake, and Palestine Crisis. The latest ACT program campaigned through Launchgood is for the alleviation of malnutrition crisis in Papua (

Therefore, the global community can take part in making better human civilization. []         


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