Visiting Sumur Sub-District, ACT Establishes Humanitarian Post

Visiting Sumur Sub-District, ACT Establishes Humanitarian Post

ACTNews, PANDEGLANG – The heavy rain that fell on most of Pandeglang Regency, Banten, did not stop Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team to reach remote areas to give aid to the tsunami victims. On Tuesday (12/25), the team went to Sumur Sub-District, one of the areas in Pandeglang that sustained heavy damages.

The team began their journey from Labuan, through Panimbang and Cibaliung, to their destination in Sumur Sub-District. The road was winding and the terrain was hilly. At first, our journey went smoothly, but as we reached the main road from CIbaliung to Sumur, our journey was hampered by the traffic jam.

Our car had to move slowly because the road had become slippery after the rain. To make things worse, the road from Cibaliung to Sumur was partly damaged. It took around three hours for us to finally reach Sumur Sub-District.

Upon our arrival at Sumur Sub-District, the team was split into three smaller teams: evacuation team, assessment team, and post-establishment team. ACT Vice President, Ibnu Khajar, stated that Sumur Sub-District was among the most severely hit locations.

Located close to the sea, the coastal areas in Sumur Sub-District were massively damaged, including the fish market in Sumber Jaya Village. Almost all buildings in the fish market were flattened to the ground.

“Our team has assessed the severity of the tsunami. Since day one, hundreds of fatalities have been found. The devastation looks massive and extensive,” explained Ibnu Khajar, Tuesday (12/25).

The tsunami on Saturday (12/22) has forced the local residents to flee to higher places. They scattered across several evacuation sites, one of them is in Kampung Kopi which is located close to the beach but still quite safe.

For the evacuees in Sumur, ACT has set up regional post on Jalan Kertajaya in Sumur Sub-District, Pandeglang Regency. Since Tuesday (12/25), the post has been operational. The volunteers in the humanitarian post have been visiting the makeshift tents to assist the evacuees.

Ibnu Khajar further explained that during this emergency phase, ACT focused on evacuation and medical services. The regional post will serve function as both evacuation and medical post, as well as food distribution post to feed the evacuees living in difficulties.

“Alhamdulillah, ACT Regional Post in Sumur Sub-District became the fourth post to be activated. Established three days after the tsunami, the team in the humanitarian post distributes basic needs to several evacuation sites that have been assessed by our assessment team. Along with the basic needs distribution, we also observe the condition of the evacuees to help us to make the decisions to aid the tsunami survivors,” he concluded. []


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