Visual Impairment Does Not Dampen Iwan’s Spirit of Preaching

Beyond his visual impairment, Iwan Anwar Mubarok (65)’s spirit is full of optimism. Despite not being able to see, he has dedicated himself to teaching and preaching Islam for 50 years.

Iwan Anwar, a beneficiary of Global Zakat-ACT Tasikmalaya’s Sahabat Dai Indonesia Program. (ACTNews / Rimayanti)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Visual impairment doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm and spirit of Iwan Anwar Mubarok (65), a Muslim preacher from Tasikmalaya who has dedicated himself to teaching and preaching Islam for 50 years.

Despite his physical limitations, he doesn’t complain. He realizes that Allah has created everything with its purposes. "I always believe that Allah did not create everything without purpose,” said Iwan, quoting Surah Ali Imran verse 191.

Iwan was once only near-sighted. However, his vision gradually disappeared. For him, when Allah takes something from him, it means that Allah is still giving him thousands of other advantages. God took his sight, yet he is still able to use his hands to read the Braille Quran.

To make ends meet, Iwan works as a masseuse. "I entered special education center for the blind at the Wyata Guna Rehabilitation Center for the visually impaired in Bandung for one year. I am now practicing the skills that I have,” he said.

To appreciate Iwan's dedication as a preacher, Global Zakat – ACT Tasikmalata visited him to give financial assistance through the Sahabat Dai Indonesia program, Thursday (12/3).

Fauzi Ridwan from the Global Zakat – ACT Tasikmalaya Program Team reported that Iwan is one of the preachers who deserves appreciation for his struggle. "Alhamdulillah, it is our delight to have met him. God willing, this program will continue. We ask Allah that everything will be easy for this program to run," said Fauzi. []