Volcanic Eruption Destroys All Sunarto’s Possessions Save a Wooden Cart

Sunarto (49) lost everything in the Semeru volcanic eruption. Luckily, the wooden cart with which he peddled groceries is intact. ACT helps him rebuild his business by providing a business grant.

Sunarto was able to earn IDR 100 to 200 thousand a day from selling groceries. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LUMAJANG REGENCY – Unlike most of the residents of Corah Kobokan Hamlet, Supiturang Village, Candipuro District, Sunarto (49) does not own land that he can cultivate. He relied only on peddling groceries. “I have no land, only a house with a little yard. At home, I used to sell groceries even though my business was small,” explained Sunarto, Thursday (12/30/2021).

He used to sell groceries using a motorbike with a wooden cart attached to it. With the bike and cart that he bought in installments, he was able to earn IDR100 to 200 thousand each day to make ends meet.

When Mount Semeru erupted, he did not think about saving his belongings. "The important thing was that my family and I are safe. I didn’t think much about the cart," said Sunarto. He fled to a mosque where he found his wife and children

Five days later, Sunarto returned home only to find his house badly damaged. His cart, luckily, was intact.  Though it was covered in ash, it sustained no significant damages. Unfortunately, he had no capital to rebuild his business,

To help Sunarto, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) gave him a business grant. “Alhamdulillah, I am grateful for this assistance. I can sell again. Now, all I want is a house where I can live. It’s not comfortable to stay here in the evacuation location for too long. Thank you, ACT and donors. May God grant you good health," prayed Sunarto. []