Volunteering: Between Hope and Challenge

A volunteer brings hope to the community with his acts of kindness. However, it is not all easy. Many challenges must be faced to be able to remain consistent.

MRI volunteers
MRI volunteers distribute ready-to-eat meals to one of the evacuation centers for residents affected by the earthquake in Mamuju. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH JAKARTA – Being a volunteer does not necessarily lead to an easy and smooth journey. Volunteers will face various challenges. However, many experiences will become blessings.

Reno Faturrahman, a volunteer from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) North Jakarta, said this in the Yuk Ngopi Bro! event at ACT North Jakarta Office, Sunday (9/19/2021). In this regular meeting, they discussed hopes and challenges experienced by volunteers.

"Insha Allah, you will get good guidance by practicing Allah's commands consistently. Never get tired of being a good person even though we will face many tests," said Reno, an alumnus of Gontor Islamic Boarding School.

Reno added nothing is expected by being a volunteer except for the blessing of Allah by carrying out various humanitarian activities. A volunteer must be able to read the situation and personality of people to be wise in making decisions.

Harun Ar Rosyid, Head of Volunteer of MRI-ACT North Jakarta, said this volunteer assembly is expected to strengthen the volunteer spirit of MRI Members.

"Humanitarian actions in the community get support from volunteers. They are tough figures who are ready to help others," said Harun.

Volunteers from each district in North Jakarta attended a volunteer assembly held by MRI North Jakarta. There are 31 villages in six districts in North Jakarta that already have registered volunteers of MRI.[]