Volunteers from Blora are Happy to Help Palestine

Volunteers from Blora are Happy to Help Palestine

ACTNews, BLORA – In three days, the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine will sail to Palestine. On Sunday (18/2), busy activities were seen in ACT’s Community-based Foodbarn (LPM) as well as in several rice-container warehouses in Blora. They enthusiastically weighed, packed and carried the rice sacks into the containers.

Lamiran, the Coordinator of Volunteers for Humanitarian Ship for Palestine in LPM said that the volunteers are very happy to participate in the shipping process of the rice to Palestine. Those who participated in weighing, packing and transporting did them thoroughly.

“It’s because they understand what is happening to the Palestinians who are currently living under the occupation of Israel and facing a lot of difficulties to obtain basic needs such as food, electricity, etc.” said Lamiran.

He also said how the volunteers are proud with the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine t-shirt that they wear when working.

“Even when they are not working in LPM to pack and transport the rice, they still wear the t-shirt proudly. They are proud to be among the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine volunteers,” said Lamiran.

Since Thursday (15/2), the volunteers in Blora have been spread in LPM and the rice-container warehouses. More than two hundred volunteers in Blora were involved during the rice gathering process for the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine. They also took part in the hulling process during the harvest season in early February.

On Saturday (18/2), the rice packaging and transporting process has finished. Tens of container trucks have moved to Terminal Petikemas Surabaya, where the departure ceremony of the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine will be held on Wednesday (21/2). []  


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